Monday, October 22, 2007

We found out how many....

Just got back from Dr's appoint. for U/S..... there's one heart beat! I feel relieved, thought we were going to hear any. At the same time I was pretty sure there was 2. So I got to thinking that would be cool- 2 for 1, we can have our instant family and we'll be done. So, in a way, (I hate to say it) feel a little dissappointed there weren't 2- I think my husband does to, he would never say it. He just said "I was kinda of already getting attached to the lil' guys"... Happens for a reason. At least there was a little heart beat. Next u/s in 2 weeks.....

Thursday, October 18, 2007

YIKES!~ Spotting :(

I started spotting today and completly freaked out. Has anyone experience this with IVF. The nurse at our clinic said it was very normal and considering my HCG #'s (6030) I should not worry- easy for her to say. Has anyone experience this? I have my ultrasound appoint on Mon. and am so anxious to know what is going on.

Friday, October 5, 2007

We got the results!!!

Well, I had 2 blood test, one on Monday, the other on Wensday- this one was the determiner. Posititive!!! I am officially pregnant. I think I'm still in shock. My husband is gitty this exitement and I try to match his mood so wont think I'm not excited. I think it's going to take me awhile for all this to register. All my life I've never really had much interest in reproducing, so switching gears may take awhile. I'm sure once I see the first sonogram of a little being inside me, things will change. I swear, I have maternal instincts, my pets are my babies and treat them as such. I guess this is why God gives us 9 months to adjust to this life changing experience. The entire scientific experience has been very fascinating though. Well on 10/23 we will find out if 1 or 2 embryos stuck.