Sunday, September 23, 2007

Eggs Retrieved

Well, it has been an interesting last few days. On Thursday 9/20 I went in for the egg retrieval and they were able to get 37 eggs. Turns out that's a bigger deal than I thought- no one was really making a big deal so I thought it was normal-it's not. Anywho, felt crappy all day and have since- my belly is very bloated and I am uncomfortable. I guess that's just the beginning. They let me know 24 embryos have formed and now it's day 3 and we were suppose to have the transfer done today but they want to wait until day 5 for quality purposes. I'm still in a state of shock I think because I don't really feel anything. I'm happy everything turned out ok and that we got so many embryos but I don't think the entire situation has really hit me yet.
I talk to my sister about everything and a couple of good friends but I don't want to say anything until we know for sure- I'm super private.
My husband on the the other hand, tells his family every single detail- yes, I'm talking TMI. So I don't really want to see any of them because I don't feel comfortable talking to anyone that I don't choose to talk to about this- he's upset that I don't sit and blab about this to his mom & dad. Beside, they will somehow find a way to segue my situation to something they want to spend the next hour talking about. Sorry, must be the hormones :)


Nica said...

I think the TMI on IVF is such a guy thing. Like, HEY! New Technology! I don't think the reality, the humanity of the situation occurs to them. Or at least, not at first.

24 embryos is GREAT. Good luck!

Hekateris said...

Wow, that's a fantastic number of eggs and fertilized eggs. Hopefully you'll have excellent quality blasts, too, with plenty left over to freeze.

I assume transfer will be tomorrow - good luck!