Friday, September 28, 2007

Transfer complete....still in pain :(

Well, transfer was on Tuesday 09/25, it went well. We transfered 2. So I have been laying down since then BUT my ovaries haven't recovered from the retrieval. Looking forward to walking upright soon.
For some reason my doctor thought I was 25 and was adament about only transfering 1. He said "if you were 35 and over I would recommend 2..." Under normal circumstances I would have let him believe I was 25 BUT I had to remind him of my "real" age- darm! That instantly changed his mind. Well see if my body thinks it's 25.
Thanks for the well wishes. Monday 10/01 we have our first preg test then another on Wed at which point we should find out if these babies (literally & figuratively) stuck. This is such a weird experience, I have NEVER imagined myself #1 pregnant #2 going through such extremes to get pregnant #3 possibly being a mother- very surreal.
Bye for now!

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